Grief and Loss

For most of us grief comes after a significant loss. This loss can occur many forms - loss of a relationship, a career, a loved one, abilities, health, time, and dreams just to name a few.

We all experience grief at differing intensities depending on what we have lost or what we are grieving and what supports we have in place to assist in the grief process. Sometimes we hold onto grief and other times it can feel as though it is holding on to us… therapy is great and supportive place to find assistance in processing the grief and honoring the loss as well.

There are the Stages of Grief developed by Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross:

Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance

These stages help to create a picture of what the grief process could look like in an overall sense. However, we do not move through these stages in an orderly, linear fashion and the actual grief process is as unique as we all are as individuals.

I am incredibly PASSIONATE about grief and loss work. It is meaningful and transformative in ways that only loss can create. I have worked with Hospice both as a volunteer and then as a full time Social Worker for over 6 years. I am highly trained and passionately dedicated to this work!