Our relationships with romantic partners are often our most sacred, difficult, and rewarding relationships. A healthy relationship is one in which both partners feel safe to share their feelings and as anyone who has been in a relationship knows, this takes hard work from both individuals. It can be very helpful and supportive to work with a counselor if you are facing some difficult times in your relationship or maybe you would just like to improve the status quo that has developed within the relationship.



Many couples feel as though this is the toughest issue they are facing, communication in a relationship is a nuanced issue. As the counselor I will assist you in understanding the wide impact communication in a relationship has and assist you in peeling back the layers to see and understand how communication styles developed and were influenced and how to now move forward. 

Premarital Counseling:

It is a very exciting time in life to feel as though you and your partner are ready to transition into a marriage relationship. It is also a crucial time to ensure you have a solid foundation as well as a mutual fondness and admiration for one another. In premarital counseling we will explore your goals for your relationship both now and in the future and discuss those topics and issues that of most importance to you. It can also be a lot of fun! Preparing for the future and getting to know one another should be fun!

Marriage/Relationship Counseling:

It can be difficult at times to let an outsider into likely your most vulnerable relationship. Counseling can be a very supportive and positive experience. I will assist you as a couple in gaining deeper insight and understanding of your partner's perspective while rebuilding your relationship with a solid foundation. We will evaluate patterns of behavior or interaction that are going well as well as those not going so well. I use a combination of evidence based methods for treatment modalities, CBT, DBT, and Gottman techniques. I like to acknowledge that marriage counseling can also be very supportive when the goal might be something other than a rebuilding. It can also be a place to discuss going separate ways.