Family can be one of the places we draw support and meaning from but it can also be a place of stress, confusion, and even trauma. I have worked with families as a Professional Social Worker since 2010 and I remain passionate about bringing healing to families.

I have extensive experience working with:

  • Adoption, private and public.

  • Foster Care System - I have worked with biological families, foster families, foster parent training and support, foster children, teens, at risk youth, youth on the run, and reunifications.

  • Divorce & Separation Recovery - I have worked individually with adults, supporting couples through the ‘un-coupling’ process, as well as children. I also work with a parent or both parents and the children as a family unit to bring healing to all.

  • Parenting Support - Parenting is challenging and can feel beyond challenging at times. It can be difficult to find support around this incredibly rewarding role. Society shames parents often in a myriad of ways. Raising healthy humans is important but in order to do that you have to have the space to be a healthy human yourself as well!

  • Blended Families - Growing up in a blended family myself I know all too well the blessings and difficulties that can arise in blended family units. I work with adults, children, and the family as whole to bring awareness and support around the needs and desires unique to blended families.

  • Reunification Planning and Support - For the parents and children involved, changes in the family dynamics and access to one another can be difficult to say the least. It can also be difficult to know how to best reunify or come back together in a new or maybe even familiar way. I have worked with countless families over the last 9 years around this very life event. I enjoy supporting families through this process.

  • Communication Challenges that arise among family members can be painful and exhausting not mention hurtful. These challenges can breed other challenges and lead families down a difficult road. This is where I come in! I have always found it rewarding to assist families in understanding communication styles as well as in gaining skills to effectively communicate in kind and loving ways.